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Meet Digitae Team

Digitae employs a team of certified engineers and technical consultants with focused competencies in emerging and complex technologies. Our engineers are consistently trained to stay proficient in the latest technologies and hold numerous certifications from industry leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, and many others. With extensive qualifications and best practices knowledge, our consultants can effectively deliver the best of breed solutions for your business.


Transforming the Information Technology Management model for small to mid-size businesses might sound like an ambitious goal, but that’s exactly Digitae IT Services set out to do

The days of rooms full of hardware, stressed IT staff and high expenditure can be placed in the past.

We provide effective IT consultancy to achieve an efficient and productive IT infrastructure as well as streamlined working environment. Our supply, training and consultancy services are delivered by confident, competent professionals with a wealth of experience.

Our teams are comfortable working in challenging environments, thriving on motivating students and making a difference, inspiring students to achieve beyond what they think possible.

We consider all aspects of the education and working environment that are effected by the introduction of technology such as maintenance costs, time management and particularly knowledge sharing.


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