As a loyal client of Digitae, you already know we’re committed to excellence in IT service and support. So why not share your experience with a colleague or friend who could benefit from our proactive technology solutions provider. We’ll give them smart IT advice and give you a Cheque or Credit—as long as they sign up for the services by  December, 2017.


  • Worry-free IT – we handle all of your technology, round-the-clock
  • Enhanced productivity – reduce downtime for greater efficiency and profitability
  • Stronger security – we safeguard your most important assets
  • More free time – when you don’t have to focus on your IT, you can concentrate on what really matters


If you know a company or organization that could use our services please tell us about them. An introduction could be good for your colleague, and if it results in new business for us well say thanks by sending you a 50 pounds of Marks & Spencer voucher. An ideal customer would be a business that is just starting or an organization of less than twenty staff. Please just fill out this form and leave the rest to us.