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Why Google Cloud Platform?

Advancements in business IT have always been driven by a need to get more done, in less time. It used to be about how fast your employees’ computers were, but as more tasks are moved to the cloud, companies like Google are finding new ways to improve how those services are delivered.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Similar to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft’s Azure, the Google Cloud Platform is a suite of services that run in Google data centers around the world and are accessible to clients over the internet. There are currently 60 services available, grouped into nine categories:

  • Compute – High- Performance, Scalable VMs
  • Storage and Databases –  Managed Databases ( RDBMS, No SQL)
  • Networking –  A Fast, High-Performance Global Network
  • Big Data – Integrated end to end Big Data solution
  • Internet of Things – End-to-end security
  • Machine Learning – Inject AI into your Business
  • Management Tools – Cloud-Native Application Management
  • Developer Tools – Develop Faster on Google Cloud Platform
  • Identity and Security – Control access and visibility to resources running on a platform protected by Google’s security model.

Each one offers a unique set of tools for getting work done in the cloud. For example, the Compute category has several services for setting up virtual desktops powered by high-end hardware that can be logged into from almost anywhere.

What is Google upgrading?

To put it simply, a new approach to bandwidth management will allow Google to send more information in less time. Way back in the ’80s, an algorithm was standardized that recognized when data didn’t reach the final destination and reacted accordingly. The assumption was that the majority of this data loss was due to an overloaded connection, so when the entity sending the data noticed losses, it slowed down transfer speeds.

A lot has changed since then, and recently Google introduced a new algorithm for its search and streaming video services. It was a huge success, granting YouTube a 2,700x improvement to its YouTube network throughput in some cases.

By applying this new technology to the Google Cloud Platform, customers will see noticeably faster service, regardless of whether they’re storing and retrieving business data or hosting an application.

Web and cloud services are indispensable for keeping up with the breakneck pace of IT advancements in a cost-effective manner. Choosing the right platform and configuring it properly isn’t something to be taken lightly. For expert advice and support, Please call us today.

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