it managed service provider

Landline phones are things of the past. It’s time to move to VoIP!

Lower your communication costs and increase your team’s productivity with cost-efficient and easy-to-use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Our VoIP solutions comes with an array of features to boost your efficiency, such as instant messaging, click-to-call dialling, video conferencing, group chat, screen sharing, and more. Better yet, the solutions are scalable, meaning you will pay only for what you use.

VoIP solutions from Digitae let you enjoy:

  • Improved collaboration – with various multi-featured, easy-to-use communication tools
  • Cost-efficiency – get low-cost, high-quality internet-based call services
  • Scalability – you can add or remove users easily
  • Economical – cut your telecommunications costs and avoid extra setup, installation or maintenance fees
  • User-friendly – easily understandable at-a-glance interface
  • Dependable – your hosted system is monitored and maintained 24/7
  • Convenient – answer calls in remote locations via laptop or forwarding to a mobile phone
  • Green – cut travel costs and paper waste by sharing information online


Please contact us to find out which VoIP system is the right fit for your business.