Benefits of Cloud migration to your Business

What is cloud migration?

In simple words, cloud migration means it is a process of moving applications, data and other business elements from organisations onsite computer setup to the cloud. It can be even moving from one cloud environment to another. Let us understand in detail the benefits of cloud migration to your business.

The common question which all businesses ask

Why my organization’s data should be moved out to the cloud?

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

Is there any additional cost involved?

Is my organization data Safe over the cloud?

Managed Cloud Solutions
Managed Cloud Solutions

All these major questions need to be answered before migrating your data or moving to the cloud

First, let us have a look at some vital statistics on cloud released by a report of U.K. government

The industry representative of techUK quoted, it is estimated that 2.5 billion GB of data is being created in real time each day on multiple devices including smartwatches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. This is enough data to fill over 27,000 iPads per minute, it is estimated that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years alone.

TechUK further added that over the next few years the amount of data generated and stored in the cloud would dramatically increase. They saw the development of the ‘Internet of Things’ and wearable technology as key drivers for this. It was highlighted that cloud infrastructure providers are likely to respond to this by increasing capacity faster which will reduce costs.

Given below are some of the main benefits of cloud migration to your business and an answer to the above questions

Benefits of cloud migration

Almost zero capital expenditure

By migrating to Cloud Computing you can cut down heavily on the high cost of hardware. In cloud computing, you have the option of pay-as-you-go and can avail a subscription-based model. With this, you are in complete control of your capital expenditure. You also save a lot of time on the setup and management of your IT infrastructure.

Work from anyplace, anywhere and anytime

The biggest benefit that Cloud Computing gives is it offers flexibility. You simply need an Internet connection to work. Also, you can work with any device that you have or of your choice. It offers complete flexibility and control to your employees to manage their work-life balance.

cloud solutions, UK, London
Managed cloud Solutions
Complete security of data

In cloud computing, your data is stored in the cloud. Even in case there is any system breakdown or you lose your handset/laptop you need not worry. You can easily retrieve back your data and restore it.

With cloud, the office is going mobile

Cloud migration makes it possible that your office is no longer a static workplace. You may not have a fixed working place. As stated above employees can now go mobile with their smartphones and laptops. Business meetings can now be moved out of conference room as small office rooms and the quiet workplace is no longer a constraint.

Today many of the company staff need to travel away from the office and place of business. It is essential to ensure that they can have access to the data and work effectively from any place any device and anytime. This can be only possible to cloud migration.

No more manual software updates

The best part of cloud migration is that you are not worried about frequent software updates. Cloud service providers take care of this updates and other security-related measures of your vital data. So now you can completely focus on your business matters without worrying about any new software updates

IT Disaster recovery now more full proof

As your company data is stored in the cloud you are free from any unseen IT disaster that may happen to your business. Especially for small businesses cloud services are very vital as they can take benefit of superior security measures taken by the cloud service providers.

They don’t have to worry about investing in expensive disaster recovery plan.

Cloud Storage Solutions
Cloud Storage Solutions

Reliable, Scalable, High performance and Secure

Given above are the core features of cloud services. The business of any size whether small, medium or big can equally take the benefits of the entire important feature. With the cloud, you can scale and increase your company performance with the highly secured environment.

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