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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) – Leased Lines

Experience symmetrical, uncontended bandwidth exceeding 10Gbps

Enjoy guaranteed network availability with a 99.95% uptime commitment

Count on a 5-hour fix

Unlock the Potential of Greater Bandwidth

Leased lines are your ticket to dedicated internet connectivity, providing faster speeds and enhanced video and voice quality.

Digitae’s dedicated leased lines grant businesses access to ultrafast bandwidth through our true fibre private network. Whether linking offices, connecting to the internet, or expanding your private WAN network, our leased lines empower your business and employees to work more efficiently, run critical applications, and stay online when it matters most.

With a wide range of bandwidth options and flexible leased line connectivity, you can easily scale your services to meet your evolving needs.

Our leased lines also enhance your network and overall experience with flexible, dependable, and market-leading 5-hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Why Opt for Digitae Leased Lines?

– Dedicated Internet Access

– Guaranteed, exclusive availability

– Symmetrical bandwidth

– 24/7/365 monitoring

– Convenient contract upgrades to higher bandwidth on the existing bearer

– Seamless integration with our wireless leased lines, offering unmatched flexibility

– Flexible contract terms

– Choose between Direct Internet Access, WAN, or Point-to-Point options

Explore Leased Lines and Bandwidth Options with Digitae

To discover more about the advantages of Digitae’s leased lines, get in touch with our team today.