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Secured Software for Business Companies

Digitae is leading company in London that offer a wide range of beneficial software & technology for almost businesses and industries. At Digitae, we understand that running an organisation or company with less technical flaws is mandatory, that is why we are dominant to deliver a wide range of IT Support and software management. We offer a wide spectrum of software for business companies.

Whether you’re running a school, a small company or a giant organisation, business software applications are the need of your industry and demand of the technical era.

The Best Software Tools for Business

Apparently, we’re not enjoying the golden period of technologies nonetheless, as a serious and dedicated business person dreams of running secured and safe business never die. That is why as a professional and experienced business software application provider in London, we give you an opportunity to reduce all your technical hassling with the best software tools for business.

Business Software Management Applications

  • Management consulting
  • Software development
  • IT outsourcing
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Government/Energy/Insurance
  • Loan/service providing company

Why your business needs Software Management Applications?

Running a business efficiently is the most fundamental and ultimate goal of owners. Using a wide range of management software can reduce investing time and engagement of many employees. If you wonder why should you purchase small business management software applications? Here are a few aspects that will enrich your business running process.

  • Software delivers cost-effective solid processing of work in less time
  • Integrated calendars will assist your business and staff management
  • With business software, you don’t have to bother about online project management. Just create a project and assign the number of people you want.
  • Quoting and invoicing are much more flexible and easy
  • Business with up to 50 employees can use small business management software. Ultimately, neither you have to hire any other company to do the job nor you’ve to hassle for the complex process.

Efficiency, collaboration, and productivity for schools and businesses

Google Apps from Digitae, Inc. is a suite of applications that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you need solutions for video, email, Web sites, communication or collaboration, Google Apps is the answer. Our Google Apps services include implementation, migration, and support, so your business can reap the benefits of Google technologies with none of the headaches.

Easy-to-use Google Apps from Digitae include:

  • Gmail – reliable and dynamic email solutions
  • Google Calendar – shared calendaring
  • Google Talk – instant messaging and VoIP
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets – online document hosting and collaboration
  • Google Sites – team site creation and publishing
  • Start Page – a single, customisable access point for all applications
  • Google Video – Web-based access to your video needs
  • Google Security & Compliance – to better protect your business

Messaging: Gmail and Google Calendar

Google Apps messaging tools include email, calendar and instant messaging solutions that help employees communicate and stay connected, wherever and whenever they work. These Web-based services can be securely accessed from any browser, work on mobile devices like Android and iPhone, and integrate with other popular email systems like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and more. What’s more, Google Apps’ SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) capability integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise security and authentication services. Google Apps deliver productivity and reduce IT workload with a hosted, 99.9% uptime solution that gets teams working together fast.

Collaboration: Google Docs, Sites and Video

Google Apps enable secure, real-time collaboration among workgroups of all sizes. With hosted documents – word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations – Web-based video access, and easy site-building tools, Google makes information usable from any browser or smartphone, whenever and wherever users work. SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) services integrate seamlessly with established security and authentication systems. Google Apps bring easy, secure productivity to any work team, without the need to add additional hardware or software.

Discover why so many businesses are turning to Google Apps

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