How to get best IT service provider

For any business to function smoothly and efficiently a good setup of IT and network infrastructure is a must.

Your efficient IT infrastructure is the backbone for the success of your business. If your business is frequently facing downtime then you are losing a good amount of revenue, efficiency and time.

Here comes the importance of your IT partners, you have to understand that not all IT support companies are equal.

There will certainly be differences in the type of services they offer, pricing and their planned approach towards the IT security and plan.

You have to rationally decide the best IT support partner who can understand your business its functionalities and your customers.

Given below are some of the parameters you should consider before hiring your IT service provider or switching to a new one.

  • Are they solving your business challenges
  • Are they improving overall efficiency by reducing cost, increasing revenue and negating potential revenue leakages
  • Do they have a disaster management plan
  • What is the IT and network planning and strategy
  • Testimonials from their existing clients
  • Whether the technology they provide is in line with your business operations
  • Do they offer complete support and maintenance (emergency services)
  • Are you in complete control of your IT cost (No hidden charges)
  • What type of user safety and business cyber-security services they offer

These are some of the basic questions that need to be answered before selecting right IT support provider.

IT Support in Camden, London, UK
IT Support in Camden, London, UK

There are two types of service providers

Basic Service Provider (BSP)

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

IT Service Provider Camden, London

There are many small and mid-sized businesses all over the UK that have limited IT Infrastructure and Network setup. They have a limited or fixed IT budget. But still IT support and security is a must for any business today.

The type of service contracts the main offer is either antivirus or backup services, fixed hourly contacts or a specific one-time project.

The most important thing that an IT service provider has to share with small and mid-sized businesses is to educate and inform the businesses about the challenges and possible security threats that their businesses may have in the absence of a proper IT security setup.

Managed Cloud Service Providers

Managed service providers are simply subscription-based IT plans and products. In this type of service, the client selects an ideal service or customized IT plan as per their business requirements.

The services are generally charged at a fixed monthly price and the details are laid down as per the scope of the agreement/contract.

The main benefit is that the companies can easily predict their monthly IT support expenses and accordingly plan their annual IT budget.

This managed service providers usually work in partnership with leading and reputed technology companies, value-added distributors and offer the latest IT Solutions to the clients.

Managed service providers are a team of more professional and organized IT support providers. As compared to the basic service providers they offer a better and higher range of services.

Their pricing may be a bit higher but you can expect better services also. These service providers generally offer a full range of IT services such as

These providers can offer better results and IT security plan as they are well versed with all the latest technology, infrastructure, and software they deal regularly. They are also in a better position to upgrade the technology efficiently and seamlessly.

As quoted above this type of service providers are ideal for medium and big size corporates simply because of their pricing and contract tenures.

Given above were some basic points you should consider before selecting an IT support service. To summarize:

  • The IT agency should care about you
  • The approach of the IT support company should be all about client benefits.
  • The IT guy must give you the right advice, support and help you in making the right decision in IT infrastructure and network. He should also advise you in selecting the right support plan Ideal for your business operations.
  • Another important aspect of IT servicing and support underlies in the approach towards the IT support requirements of the client.
  • Are they ready to offer 24-hour emergency support for any unplanned upgrades, breakdown and updates?
  • Do they have dedicated IT person who can be easily approachable anytime?
  • Sometimes these special services come with a cost but you have to invest in these services for the smooth and secure functioning of your business operations.
  • Does your IT service provider offers proactive warning service

Proactive Warning Service

Proactive means taking precautionary steps or acting in advance before the onset of any unexpected situation. This skill is very important for an IT support agency. They use it to monitor your IT infrastructure, servers and workstations around the clock and in case of any issues or problems immediate alerts are issued.

The benefits of this type of services are it helps to fix a problem in advance

Second, there is no downtime

Third, you have time to upgrade or improved your systems


An ideal IT support agency must provide a range of tailor-made solution to increase efficiency minimize system downtime, increase productivity and revenue of the clients

The main qualities or features of your IT support personnel can be briefed as below

  • Qualified
  • Rich experience
  • Perfectly trained
  • Accredited and compliant
  • Polite, humble and easily approachable
  • Respectful of your workplace
  • Offers a personal touch
  • Delivers support when it matters most
  • Offers strategic advice to reduce cost and increase overall efficiency

It is well said that prevention is always better than any unpredicted or unplanned business scenario.

The IT support agency must have strategic support plans that are well planned and proactive to eliminate any problem that may happen.

Finally, the experience of the team matters the most. If your support team has a professional approach and quality experience then they can offer much more quick and reliable services.

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The philosophy and value of Digitae is very simple, it is for the real people and building long-term relationships

Our support system is well equipped to handle any type of issues at the deep technical level.

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