IT Disaster Recovery Plan for 2017?

What is your IT Disaster Recovery Plan for 2017?

Disaster in simple words means unpredictable and unplanned events which you don’t have in day to day activities.

IT disaster simply means any unplanned incidence that threatens the IT infrastructure & networks mainly hardware, software, business operations and processes and much more.

Your business cannot predict for natural and man-made disasters.

Your company computer networks and systems can be at any time knocked out without any warning.

This unforeseen disaster may come in the form of floods Fires, earthquakes tornadoes, cyber-attacks Etc.

Do you have any disaster recovery plan to deal with these situations?

Have you tested and updated your IT infrastructure?

What security measures and backup plan you have?

Do you hire professional IT services team?

IT Networking - Disaster recovery plan 2017
IT Networking

In this post, we shall try to explain, plan and guide a DR Plan that you must have a long term IT security policy.

We shall share step by step IT disaster recovery plan.

This plan will explain steps for recovering from downtime of systems networks and get them back to normal operations.

Another important reason of having the DR plan is to minimize any negative effects on the company operations.

The plan will include the importance vendor supplier contacts, it experts details for recovering disrupted systems.

The important steps of your disaster recovery plan are:

  • Risk assessment
  • Contingency planning policy
  • The business impact analysis
  • Recovery strategies
  • Preventive control measures
  • It contingency plan
  • Planning Testing and Implementation of disaster recovery plan
  • Maintenance of IT network and infrastructure
IT Infrastructure secruity tips
IT Infrastructure

Risk assessment

The first an important step is the risk assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and networks.

It not only identifies potential risk and threats to your IT infrastructure but also helps to come up with infrastructure safety plan that is almost inevitable to the performance of your organizations business.

Your DR disaster recovery plan should be taken into consideration of all performance aspects of your business operations.

You must have a recovery plan for all type of scenarios.

For example in case of any cyber-attack that forced a shutdown of servers then do you have a transition plan for that situation?

At the time of risk assessment planning, you have to take into consideration the scenarios and events that the more likely to occur than other events.

For example, cyber-attacks are more predictable than natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Business Impact Analysis

The purpose of BIA it’s to identify and plan and prioritizes IT systems and components.

It mainly helps to identify and evaluate potential events such as the regulatory, legal contract you’re financial and other natural and manmade events to the business operations.

Recovery Strategy

Now once you have identified all the potential threats and possibilities that can affect your business operations the next step is to have a recovery strategy.

In this process, you have to involve all the stakeholders and there inputs and concerns. Here come the services of a professional IT services team. They can help you to implement and assess your long term disaster recovery plan.

Preventive Control Measures

Preventive control measure is very important for the long term disaster recovery plan. Simply having a plan is not sufficient. You need to regularly assess, check and audit all your preventive control measures. All the stakeholders in the company need to be informed about the purpose and benefits of implementing the preventive control measures.

IT Contingency Plan

Another important step is to have an IT contingency plan jointly made with your IT support team and vendors.

There has to be a properly drafted, detailed guidelines and steps for restoring disrupted or damage IT network infrastructure.

Planning, Testing and Implementation of disaster recovery plan

A well planned DR plan helps to identify the gap in your existing IT infrastructure. Testing helps you to make sure that the disaster recovery plan is full proof. With proper implementation and training to all the responsible personals help them to prepare for the complete plan effectiveness and implementation


Maintenance of IT Network and Infrastructure

Once again the professional expertise of your IT support team is very important in this aspect.

Your IT infrastructure and network need to be regularly checked, monitored, secured and upgraded by your IT support team.


Adopt Standard Disaster Recovery Plan

Given below is the list of important and the relevant standards that can be used for it disaster recovery plans

  • NIST
  • SP 800-34
  • ISO/IEC 24762
  • BS 25777

These were some important action plan and policies for securing your IT Infrastructure and Networks. You may never know and predict any possible natural or man-made threat or disaster. The best thing to have is a well-planned and organized approach of your IT systems in coordination with your IT support team.

We at team Digitae take care of all the possible threats that your business may possibly face. We plan and implement all the IT security and safety measures so that there are almost zero downtime and your business functions smoothly and you can focus on other important activities of your business.

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