IT support for schools in London

The world in which we are living today, technology is the vital factor. Their role in our lives is inevitable. It may be your personal life, business or profession. IT technology in the educational sector it has been a catalyst. Daily new technologies like software, hardware and gadgets are hitting the market. Even for schools that have limited IT expertise, they have to adapt to new technologies. Here the role of your expert IT support provider for IT support for schools in London, UK is essential. In today’s blog post, we shall understand the ICT and IT support for schools in London in a detailed analysis.

IT Support schools in London
IT Support schools in London

Let us first look at some statistics released by the UK Government in January 2017

Between January 2016 and January 2017 there was a net increase of 8 state-funded primary schools and 7 State-funded secondary schools. However, the total number of schools has decreased by 7 to 24,281. Because there has been a decline in the number of nursery schools (4 fewer than in 2016), special schools (2 fewer), pupil referral units (2 fewer) and independent schools (14 fewer).

School population: primary, secondary and all pupils:

Schools in England, 2006-2017

YearState funded primary schoolsState funded secondary schoolsAll schools types (including independent schools)

School ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Infrastructure and how it is managed can be one the biggest impediments in the implementation of education sector. The needs of teachers and learners and the requirements imposed on network managers, whether in-house or outsourced, can be a source of conflict. Onsite IT Support London for schools is vital for the smooth functioning of IT operations.

Even in school classrooms technology is playing a beneficial role for the students in understanding and adapting the methods of teaching with the help of projection screens connected to computers as compared to traditional method of learning.

The importance of technology can be accepted to the fact that it is also available to the kids who are yet to begin schooling. Today, there are different software in the form of educational system and video games for small children to prepare them for getting ready for school.

As seen in the image above all the components of ICT i.e. cloud computing, software, hardware, digital transactions, communications technology, email, data analysis and internet are all important for today’s school functioning. To have expert knowledge in each of the components, schools have to rely on IT outsourcing companies in UK. IT support for schools in London is easily available in your nearby locations all over the UK. You can also get remote services in Merton, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Lewisham, Greenwich, Richmond, Hammersmith Croydon, Bromley, Sutton, and Fulham, Westminster, Ealing, Brent, Camden, Islington, Hackney and Newham or any remote area in the UK from IT support companies UK such as Digitae.

IT support for schools in London


Our expert IT professionals with years of experience will work with you to understand what your objectives are, what you’re hoping to achieve and design a solution which will deliver this in the most cost-effective way. Our IT experts will also suggest ways to reduce revenue leakages and improve the productivity of your staff.

Onsite IT support - London
Onsite IT support – London


Digitae acknowledges and understands the fact that most schools have a range of devices to ensure that students leave with the knowledge to use an array of different platforms and technology.

This can provide significant challenges to teaching, learning and device management but team digitae can offer advice and implement solutions to meet these challenges. The whole process of IT plan implementation is designed in deep consultation with the school management and all the stakeholders and users.

Teaching and learning uninterrupted

Digitae works with the best technology suppliers, to bring together all you need to ensure that your IT supports, rather than hinders, teaching and learning at your school.

Data Backup

We help you in completely securing your data both on-premises and over the cloud. We suggest and deploy the latest solutions in the best interest of your school or educational institution.

Complete Security

Team digitae has experience of setting up device and user policies not matter what technologies the school has in place, providing you with confidence that all configuration is being made based on the suitability for education.

Multiple school locations connectivity

If there are multiple locations/branches of school or education institution than you need not worry. We shall seamlessly integrate all the operations, communication system, data and security of all locations.


We have a range of tools to help you manage and monitor the range of devices on your network.


With one single contract for a wide range of technologies within your school in the unlikely event that something stops working, there is someone who can readily identify the cause and immediately fix it.


From the above reports and data it is clear that with the increase in number of schools in the UK, there is need for best it support companies UK which has expert domain knowledge and understanding IT network and infrastructure requirements of schools and dedicated 24*7 IT support for schools in London and their multiple locations in the UK.

Digitae offer impartial, independent advice across a wide range of leading brands, to help you put in place the right infrastructure that can harness current and emerging technologies for IT support for schools in London, UK.

We offer Onsite IT Support London, best cloud storage UK, cloud backup, cloud anti spam and can help you review, configure or replace your IT infrastructure at an affordable price, ensuring you get the best out of the technology and services that lie on top of this infrastructure.

IT Support for Education is one of the main domain services of digitae with a complete range of IT solutions under a single umbrella. School management and teachers and now completely focus on imparting education services without being worried for planning, executing and maintaining IT related services.

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