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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling lies at the core of what makes current technologies function effectively. Without a properly designed and installed cable infrastructure, it is impossible to achieve the speed and reliability necessary to support today’s business applications. DIGITAE can design and implement a structured solution for businesses, ensuring they not only meet the standards of today’s technologies but also those of the future.

Why is structured cabling important?

Our structured cabling process begins with a complimentary site survey and a competitive quote. Our dedicated infrastructure specialists can plan and install your cabling and equipment with minimal disruptions to your daily operations. DIGITAE can offer you quality, reliability, and certified cabling installations for systems of any size, guaranteeing that your job is done right the first time.

Our Services Include:

  1. Communications Cabling

Voice and Data: This is the fundamental requirement for any business but is often overlooked when it comes to connections. We will plan and provide what your business needs to connect to both its internal and external networks while future-proofing your internal wiring. No need to re-run basic data wiring when the next technological advancement arrives.

  1. Fibre Optic Cabling  – Fibre optics are essential, particularly for larger facilities where high-speed data transfer is needed between multiple pieces of equipment across the job site and network. Our fibre solutions will ensure that your network operates faster and more reliably across all devices.
  1. Audio and Video Solutions

          PA Systems and Intercoms: Suitable for businesses of any size that require a system to communicate with their employees, students, or visitors.

– Sound Systems: From in-home surround sound to restaurant and bar music systems.

           TVs and Projectors: Wall-mounted solutions for signage or entertainment that personalize your workspace and provide your business and clients with that added “wow” factor.

  1. Surveillance and CCTV – We can provide the right solution to meet the needs of keeping a video and audio record of day-to-day activities in the home or at the office.
  1. Cabling Audits and Certifications – Unless you’re starting from scratch, it’s likely that your business already has existing wiring in place. We offer cost-effective solutions by identifying, organizing, and certifying that the existing wiring will meet your business’s requirements.
  1. Server Rack and Cabinet Installation – Conveniently manage and access any of your business’s equipment with a cabinet or rack installed by us. We’ll build it from the ground up to suit your business’s needs.