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In today’s digital age, WiFi is no longer just an added perk; it’s a fundamental expectation. Our cutting-edge solutions go beyond the ordinary, ensuring a robust and dependable WiFi signal that blankets your entire business. Whether it’s for your dedicated workforce, valued customers, or welcomed guests, our WiFi solutions deliver seamless connectivity. Say goodbye to dead zones and frustrating drops in signal strength. With our technology, you can trust in a consistently strong and reliable connection, enhancing productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall user experience. Elevate your business with WiFi that meets the demands of today’s interconnected world, because in today’s landscape, it’s not just about providing WiFi – it’s about delivering an exceptional, always-on connection.

WIFI For Small Business

Is your small business struggling with outdated WiFi tech that’s incompatible with modern devices? Upgrade your connectivity with our WiFi services, powered by cutting-edge wireless 802.11ac2 technology. When you integrate our WiFi services with Cox Business Internet, you empower your employees to seamlessly connect all their smartphones, tablets, and WiFi-enabled devices. What sets us apart is our commitment to security; we provide a dedicated, secure network for your business, ensuring sensitive data stays protected. Don’t let outdated WiFi hinder productivity and growth. Embrace the future of connectivity, where your small business can thrive with fast, reliable, and secure WiFi that keeps you ahead in the digital era. Elevate your business with the WiFi it deserves; contact us today.

More Employee and Guest WiFi

Enhance your workplace with expanded employee and guest WiFi. Our solution provides seamless connectivity for your staff and visitors, ensuring everyone stays connected and productive. With increased access points, you can accommodate more devices without sacrificing speed or reliability. Create separate, secure networks for employees and guests to protect sensitive data while offering a convenient connection for visitors. Elevate your business environment with a robust WiFi infrastructure that fosters collaboration and guest satisfaction. Unlock the potential of your workspace with expanded WiFi coverage that keeps everyone connected effortlessly.

Managed WiFi Solutions

Discover the power of Managed WiFi Solutions, especially tailored for educational institutions and large organizations. Say goodbye to IT staff overload, security concerns, and outdated technology. With Managed WiFi, we handle the entire system setup, ongoing network management, and offer round-the-clock support. But that’s not all; your employees and guests will enjoy a personalized WiFi experience, branded to reflect your organization’s identity. This comprehensive solution not only streamlines operations but also enhances security and user satisfaction. Elevate your connectivity game and empower your organization with a robust, hassle-free Managed WiFi system that takes care of everything, so you can focus on what matters most.

Managed WIFI For Hotels

In the hospitality industry, a dependable Internet connection is paramount to guest satisfaction and repeat business. That’s where our specialized Managed Hospitality WiFi steps in, custom-crafted exclusively for hotels. We offer a rock-solid connection that guests can rely on, ensuring a seamless online experience. Alongside this, our dedicated help desk support is available to assist guests with any connectivity concerns, day or night. We understand the unique demands of the hotel industry, and our Managed WiFi solution is tailored to meet those needs, providing not only connectivity but also peace of mind. Elevate your guest experience with Hospitality WiFi that keeps them coming back for more, making your hotel the top choice for travelers.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio Of Successful Wireless Network Installations Includes:

  • Point to point data links
  • Hotels & leisure facilities
  • Business offices
  • Schools and colleges
  • Outdoor, large area temporary events & festivals
  • Charities


We use industry leading products from ZyXEL, Xirrus, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco Meraki, UCOPIA, Aerohive and Ubiquiti Networks to deliver industry-leading wireless network coverage, performance, reliability & security.

We offer a free site survey & analysis to fully understand your requirements and how best to deliver in your environment.

Please contact us today for a free no commitment consultation and free site survey for your wireless network solution.