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Door Entry Systems for Schools

What are door entry systems?

Door entry systems for Schools are essential for ensuring safety and security throughout these establishments. establishments for all areas of the Schools. DIGITAE are happy to be able to assist with the provision of smart access control and door entry systems.

Our options range from advanced single-cable door entry systems with built-in access control functions to networked access control systems.

Access options include swipe cards, key fobs. Key fobs can be programmed to grant access only to specific areas. Key forbs or cards can be easily deactivated if they are lost, reported as stolen, or not returned by a visitor or departing employee. Users can also be restricted to certain areas based on the time of day, or all doors can be unlocked at specific times.

Additionally, our systems can be integrated with cloud telephone systems and provide the ability to access them remotely via the web.

DIGITAE offers comprehensive design and installation services for door entry systems in Schools, whether it’s a simple single-door system or an integrated solution spanning the entire site.